Contact details


Hotel Chmielna
7/9 Chmielna street
00-021 Warszawa

Telephone: +48 22 657 21 21
Mobile: +48 517 208 202


Bank account

Raiffeisen Bank Polska
For Polish currency: PL 83 1750 0012 0000 0000 3985 1253

Hotel Operator:
DROOP Sp. z o.o.
7/9 Chmielna street, 00-021 Warsaw
NIP: PL527 272 50 27




Important information

  1. Hotel night
    Starts at 2.00 p.m. on the day of arrival and ends on 12.00 a.m. on the next day.
  2. Non-guaranteed reservation
    For reservations that are not guaranteed with a credit card or a bank transfer, the room is booked for the Ordering person until 6.00 p.m. on the day of arrival and later can be sold to another person, without the need to notify the Ordering person.
  3. Hotel breakfasts
    Served between 7.00 and 10.00 .
  4. Special deals / promotions
    - The benefits of all kinds of special deals and promotions available in and offered by Chmielna Hotel do not sum up.
    - Hotel Guests can select offers that serve them best.
    - The number of promotional / special deal rooms, packages or services is limited.
    - The hotel can refuse to accept the reservation or sales of a special deal if the resources dedicated to the special deal or promotion are exhausted.