Terms and conditions of booking

  1. GUARANTEED reservation
    The reservation is guaranteed if the person ordering accommodation at Chmielna Guest House pays for the room/s or specifies the details of his/her payment (credit) card before arriving in the hotel. In such case, the room/rooms booked remains/remain at the Guest’s disposal for the first hotel night regardless of the time when the Guest arrives in the hotel to commence his/her stay.
  2. NON-GUARANTEED reservation
    For reservations that are not guaranteed with a credit card or a bank transfer – the room is booked for the Ordering person until 5.00 p.m. on the day of arrival and later can be sold to another person, without the need to notify the Ordering person.

and cancellation

The money paid on account of confirmation of a reservation shall not be refunded if the reservation is cancelled.
In such case, Chmielna Guest House can offer a different term of stay, convenient to the Ordering person and satisfying his/her needs, depending on room availability.