The hotel Rules

part 1

  1. By beginning his/her stay in the hotel the person renting the room, hereinafter referred to as the Guest, accepts the wording of the present regulations
  2. The hotel Guest who rents the room is obliged to produce his/her identity document with a photo to the employee of the Reception Lobby to confirm his/her identity. If the Guest refuses to produce the identity document in a manner permitting the check-in, the Receptionist is obliged to refuse to give out the access card (key) to the room.
  3. The hotel reserves the right to claim advanced payment for services booked in the hotel. if the Guest refuses to pay in advance, the Receptionist is obliged to refuse to give out the access card (key) to the room.
  4. The Guest puts his/her legible signature on the registration card and enters his name and surname.
  5. The Guest agrees for his/her personal data to be processed for the purpose of registration and entering the Guest in the hotel’s resources pursuant to the Act of 29.10.1997 on Personal Data Protection (Dz. U. no. 133 of 1997 item 883 as amended). The Guest has the right to access and change his/her personal details.
  6. Hotel rooms are rented for hotel-days.
  7. The hotel-day lasts from 2.00 p.m. on the day of registration to noon on the next day.
  8. If the Guest does not specify the duration of his/her stay, the room is considered to be rented for one hotel-day.
  9. The Guest should report his/her wish to stay in the hotel outside the period specified on the day of arrival by 9.00 a.m. on the day when the room rental day lapses which, however, is not binding on the hotel. The hotel shall grant the Guest’s request if there are free rooms available.
  10. Staying in the room or leaving personal belongings after noon shall be considered extension of the stay. If the Guest leaves his/her room after noon - the Reception Lobby’s computer program shall calculate a fee for the next hotel night at full prices. If it is impossible to extend the stay, all belongings of the Guest left in the room shall be removed by the personnel and deposited until they are collected by the person renting the room.
  11. The Guest renting the room shall not hand the room over to other persons even if the hotel night paid for has not ended.
  12. Unregistered persons can stay in the hotel rooms between 7. a.m. and 10. p.m.
  13. The stay of unregistered persons in a hotel room after 10.00 p.m. is equivalent to consent of the Guest renting the room for paid accommodation of the additional persons in the room. Each third person shall be accommodated in the room at the current price of an additional bed for an adult, according to the pricelist available in the Reception Lobby.
  14. When staying in the hotel, children under the age of 13 must be at all times attended and supervised by adults. The legal guardians of the children are responsible for their behaviour, including the damage and/or losses caused.
  15. In accordance with the Act of April 8th 2010 amending the Act on Health Protection against the Consequences of Smoking Tobacco and Tobacco Products and the Act on National Sanitary Inspection (Dz. U. no. 81 item 529), smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products in the hotel, on balconies, in rooms and in bathrooms is strictly forbidden, except for hotel rooms no. ………… and ……………..Allowing the smell of cigarette smoke or other tobacco products in a hotel room is equivalent to the consent of the person renting the room to cover the costs of desmelling the room, amounting to PLN 900.
  16. The hotel renders services suitable for its standard. The Guest should immediately report  any reservations concerning the quality of services in the Reception Lobby, permitting due response.


part 2

  1. The hotel does not accept animals.
  2. The night quiet time, between 10 p.m. and 6.00 a.m., is to be abided by. During the night quiet time, the Guests and persons using services rendered by the Hotel are obliged to behave in such a manner as not to interfere with the stay of other people. The hotel is entitled to refuse to provide further services to persons who violate this rule.
  3. The person renting the room and the hotel Guest are obliged to know the furnishings of the room and to keep them intact. It is forbidden to take the furniture and equipment out of the hotel room. The Guest shall bear full material and legal liability for any and all damage to or destruction of the elements of furnishings and devices of the hotel or caused for reasons attributable to him/her or to his/her visitors.
  4. For the sake of fire safety, the use of the devices specified below in hotel rooms and other premises is forbidden:
    a)  immersion heaters or electrical devices other than included in the furnishings. The above does not apply to chargers and  power packs for radio, TV and computer equipment,
    b) open fire in any form whatsoever.
  5. In the event of a fire alarm and consequences thereof, among others, in the form of evacuation of the building as a result of activity of the hotel Guest, the Guest shall be charged with the costs of the evacuation, restoration of the hotel building to the state and function from before the evacuation, as well as costs of third party claims – provided that such claims were lodged in connection with the fire alarm and consequences thereof.
  6. Each time when leaving the room the Guest is obliged to close the door and windows and to make sure that they are closed so that access of third persons is not possible.
  7. The hotel shall not be held responsible for damage to or loss of belongings due to the room’s window or door being left open.
  8. The hotel’s responsibility for loss of or damage to belongings brought in to the hotel by the Guest is governed by the provisions of Art. 846-849 of the Polish Civil Code. The hotel’s responsibility is limited if the belongings are not deposited at the Reception Lobby. The hotel can refuse to accept money, securities or other valuables to the deposit including, in particular, valuables and objects of scientific or artistic value, if they pose risk to safety, if their value is too high when compared to the size or standard of the hotel or if they take up too much space.
  9. Personal belongings left in the room by a leaving Guest shall be sent back at the Guest’s cost to the address indicated thereby. If the hotel does not receive an order to send the personal belongings back, it shall safeguard them for 3 months and then donate them to charity or for public use.
  10. Should the provisions of the present regulations be violated, the hotel shall have the right to refuse to keep providing services to the violating person. The person shall be obliged to immediately conform to the requests of the hotel personnel, settle all amounts due for previous services, pay for the damage and losses and leave the hotel and territory of the hotel.
  11. The hotel can refuse to accept a Guest who violated the regulations during his/her previous stay, by causing damage to the hotel’s property or to other people staying in the hotel or by disturbing the peace and quiet in the hotel.